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Book Two in the WHO GOT LIZ GARDNER  series. 

Discovering Arugula is the next phase in the evolution of Liz Gardner, a woman born of high dysfunction who claws and screws her way to find herself and hopefully encounter her Prince Charming along the way - assuming he's okay with a "Sleeping Beauty"  who spent minimal time actually sleeping. Enlightenment finally kicks in and Liz's forward path leads her directly to her soul mate. Unfortunately, she soon learns that real life doesn't mimic fairy tales or chick flicks. Even though she feels healthy and balanced, her destructive patterns have their teeth deeply embedded into her ankles like a persistent rabid Chihuahua she can't shake off. Fears of old habits, pining ex-lovers, the discovery of an ill-fated dark family secret and even murder threaten to sabotage the happily ever after she's worked so hard for. 

How do you handle all the crap after Happily Ever. 

Now Available on Kindle, Nook and Paperback!

WHO GOT LIZ GARDNER,is a coming-of-age novel about the (mis)adventures of a dysfunctional, self-centered but essentially good-hearted aspiring actress growing up during the hedonistic 70s and 80s. A first-person narrative, the story is mostly set in New York City and later Los Angeles, as Liz seeks to find herself and hopefully bump into a decent man along the way. And let me tell you, there's a lot of bumping required... 

The daughter of a five-time divorced drama queen and a thoroughly despicable wealthy philandering shrink, Liz starts out with more psychological baggage than most people collect in a lifetime. It's no surprise that she soon seeks out male companionship to fill her emotional void, or that the assorted men she beds invariably prove to be disposable ciphers. But instead of caving in and becoming a basket case, Liz summons up her inner moxie and sets out on her quest to find a good life and someone with whom to share it. 

Original Cover designed by Kate Gernaat 
Design Edge Studio
No animals were harmed in the writing, editing and 
publishing of this book.
A dystopian tale in the not too distant future about animals and humans - and their place on the food menu...
Enter the world of IMA PIGG. Enter a world where being a vegetarian and a defender of animal rights makes you a traitor in the government's eyes. A world where only meat is eaten for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. A world where the growing of vegetables is quite a serious crime. Enter a world where extreme inhumanity is rewarded. A world where Animal Rights groups no longer exist.  And no one has the courage to step forward to represent the animals or increase awareness of their torture and carnage. Not if they want to live. 
Not until now. 
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